The Best Part of Experience University

We asked November's graduates, "What was the best part of Experience U?" Check out their answers below!

Joe EU

What I enjoyed about the class was the high fives in the morning, the laughs between the team members, and lunch!

Jackie EU

The best part was learning about our products and services and about how much the company cares about our members and staff.

Happy staff + Happy members = SUCCESS!   

Jazz EU

The best part of EU was seeing everyone at CUTX enjoy their work while doing it well!

Jalissa EU

The best part of Experience U was finding out about our different personality traits. Javier made it really fun!!

Clary EU

The best part was the energy the trainers brought to teach the class. I remember in past jobs, I’ve fallen asleep in the training. I enjoyed every part of the E U, all information was well taught and trainers are great examples of what living the brand really is.

Stephanie EU

There are so many great parts. The best part for me was experiencing the commitment the Credit Union has to our brand! It makes me so proud to be a part of this organization!!

Maricela EU

Lunch was the best part of Experience U ;).

Antonio EU

The best part of Experience University was how much the company is committed to the family atmosphere. The first hour of the training , I was feeling like a stranger in a new world. After the lunch and following days, I felt as if I had known my co-workers for years.

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