Start Saving by Improving Money Habits

[New Year Update] Saving money is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. To help you achieve your financial goals in 2017, we’ve brought back our post on improving money habits to save more. Happy New Year from everyone at CUTX!

63% of Americans have less than $500 in their savings account.  That means, for millions of people, a $1,000 emergency becomes a giant headache, setting finances back for months. It means playing catch-up and stressing out about deciding which bill, the gym membership or cable bill, can be skipped this time around. Thankfully, it all boils down to money habits, and like all habits, we can retrain ourselves to change. Read More


Things to Remember when Donating this Holiday Season

Salvation Army bell-ringers are starting to make appearances outside stores all over the United States. That’s a sign that the holidays have arrived, and many find themselves enjoying the spirit of giving. 30% of all charitable donations happen in the month of December. This holiday season, donate smart by keeping the following tips in mind. Read More


Final Corporate Challenge Results

CUTX took part in the City of Richardson’s Corporate Challenge. In the spirit of the Olympics, the challenge involves companies going head-to-head in 25 athletic and non-athletic events. Events are scored and champions are crowned. Everyone loves being a winner, but what we value at CUTX is FUN and COMMUNITY. This event gives us the chance to come together with other businesses to raise money for Special Olympics Texas. Read More


Meet This Month’s Experience Champion: Mark!

We got a chance to sit down with this month’s Experience Champion, Mark. He earned the title because of his efforts to help a member come out of a financial emergency with a smile.

Our member, who has a car loan with CUTX, could no longer use their car due to health issues. She was stuck with a car payment for a vehicle that was no longer useful and was considering voluntary repossession.

Knowing this was not a good solution, Mark helped the member sell her car for a fair price and automatically approved her for a personal loan to cover the small remaining balance. Mark continues to stay in touch with the member’s family.

Mark exemplifies what providing an unexpected experience truly means. Keep reading to learn more about Mark! Read More