Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Secure Plus Checking

All checking accounts are created equal. Says everyone that doesn’t have a Secure Plus checking account with CUTX. That’s right, a checking account is more than a handy place where you can keep all your mulahh, at least at Credit Union of Texas it is. If you didn’t know, here’s a handy list of benefits you can take advantage of with our Secure Plus checking account. If you already know, well a reminder never hurt.

  • Total Identity Monitoring
  • 3-Bureau Credit File Monitoring
  • Unlimited Access to Credit Report & Credit Score
  • Cell Phone Insurance
  • Buyer’s Protection
  • Extended Warranty
  • 55,000+ Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • Cash Back Member Rewards
  • Travel Discounts
  • Entertainment Discounts
  • Health Discounts

Okay I think you get it now. But check out our Secure & Secure Plus checking account page if you’re still unsure. There’s a complete list of benefits for your viewing pleasure.

Stop by any one of our locations today to open your very own CUTX Secure Plus checking account!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Secure Plus Checking

  1. I love CUTX. I have a member for over 35 years. What not move my account for any reason. Thank you for serving me.

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